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The Imagemakers Digital Remodel

Helping Imagemakers offer timeless, yet stylish and functional corporate wear to empower businesses and their employees by making the selection and ordering process as seamless as possible.


Design & Development




UI, UX, Strategy and Development


Architecture, Design System, Websites and PWAs

The Challenge

Imagemakers needed to update a multitude of outdated interfaces for both internal and consumer-facing applications.

Imagemakers had a website, online store and customer portal that run on different tech stacks and had inconsistent user interfaces. This resulted in incoherent branding and hard to use interfaces which were increasingly difficult to maintain, which slowed down any innovation, the ordering process and ultimately sales.

The Solution

Imagemakers Process

Working with the team at Imagemakers we decided to break everything down to basics using the separation of concerns methodology and keeping things modular and maintainable.

1.Design System

We started off with adesign systemthat will define a unified brand & user experience across multiple apps, sites, devices and platforms. The design system enables Imagemakers to create new pages, interfaces and experiences 10x faster with complete consistency with the brand.

Imagemakers UI Components

2.API Gateway

We then set off to shift all the business logic and content into REST APIs and combine it all in an easy-to-consume API gateway.

Imagemakers Showcase

3.Jamstack and Progressive Web Apps

We now had the tools & data to create 3 separate interfaces (2 websites and 1 application) that are served via a CDN and update automatically when content changes usingJamstackandPWAtechnology. This made the sites faster and much easier to use for consumers and simple to maintain by various Imagemakers departments.

Imagemakers Showcase


User Interface

Vue.js, SVG & Sass


Gridsome & Nuxt


Laravel & API Gateway


Netlify, Node & npm
Marc Viljoen

Nico's approach to front-end development is world-class. Ask him about future-proofing your web assets with a design system and the Jamstack, and then pay close attention to what he recommends.

Also, he's one of the good guys.

Marc Viljoen

Head of Digital Operations, Imagemakers

Let's build something amazing

I love working with startups or established product teams. Whatever it is, I plan & build exceptional interfaces that make business sense.